Brixham Fish Market 
TQ5 8AW 

01803 850872 

Open daily 12 noon - 6pm

Brixham Retail Fish

Our retail fishmonger is situated under our Brixham seafood restaurant, right next to where the boats land the fish. The fish is prepared in our own facility next door and is walked over to the shop each morning ready for sale. You'll notice that our shop is like no other fishmonger, all of the fish is prepared and arranged on ice in boxes. There is no counter to bring alive the spirit of a fish market.
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  • About Our Fish

    Our retail fish market is unlike any other fishmonger. We have no counter and the fish is arranged in boxes on ice. We also prepare all of our fish...
  • Click & Collect Your Fish

    You can see our day's availability of fresh fish here on our website. If you like the look of something simply buy it now and we'll put it aside fo...
  • Brixham Commercial Fish Auction

    We buy our fish each morning on the commercial fish auction before sending it to our unit next door for portioning ready for our shop and the resta...
  • About Our Boat

    We get most of our fish fresh from the market next door but we also land fish from our own boat 'ockfisher