Chargrilled Fish ~ Fresh Seafood at Rockfish


We're just 20 metres away from Brixham Fish Market and our boat Rockfisher lands fresh fish daily for us, served to you within hours from landing. Along with the menu, your server will also mark down on the tablecloth that days availability of the fresh local fish landed on the harbourside at the back of the restaurant. You'll see a long list of all the species listed down the side of the table cloth from Dover sole, dory, hake, turbot, brill, mussels & more. We will circle the fish available that day and also give you recommendations on how best we cook it to order ~ chargrilled or crisp fried and served with unlimited chips or salad. You can expect to choose from between three to five of the best quality species we have selected from that days landings on an average day, depending on the season and availability. Don't forget to keep an eye on the harbour and give our skipper a wave if you see him aboard Rockfisher!