Mitch's Best of the Market Selection

Mitch's Best of the Market Selection

NEW to the online fishmonger we have Mitch's Best of the Market selection, a daily changing pick of the best of the days landings for those who'd like a little expert advice on which sustainable seafood to pick. Here Mitch tells us all about it.


My best of the market selection

The thing I love about fish markets is that no two days are the same. Sure, you see the same species but not always of the same quality which depends on the length of time boats have been to sea, how the fish was caught and how it was handled after catching, not forgetting that no two wild fish are the same. The joy of what we do is that being based right on the quayside, Josh and Dan our buyers, walk the floor every day selecting the best of the landings for our restaurants and you at home.

I live opposite the fish market so it’s also my port of call in the mornings to look over the fish we are using. The idea of Mitch’s Best of the Market is really that you can just leave the choice to me. I will make sure that the selection really is the best of the market. All you have to do is click on 'buy all available items' and my picks will be added to your basket.

Happy Cooking





How it works:

  • Each day Mitch's picks from the mornings landings will be added to the online fishmonger in their own section
  • Click on the items you'd like, or simply press 'buy all available items' and one of each will be added to your basket
  • If you want more than one of any of the items, just increase them before you check out 
  • The selection will change each day depending on what landed and caught Mitch's eye