We want you to continue to feel confident and safe when eating at Rockfish. Rest assured that we are still taking the continued Covid  era seriously and the safety of our guests and staff will always remain our top priority. This is what we're doing to keep you safe and comfortable while we're looking after you.





Face Coverings

Many of our guests and staff will still prefer to wear one. Your comfort and your needs are our top priority so our general rule is; if we see you wearing one, we'll wear one too. Every member of the team will carry a mask and will wear it for you upon request. 



There are numerous sanitising stations around the restaurant


We will still always be undertaking regular and rigorous sanitising around the restaurant throughout the day. We also close between 4-5pm to reset and undergo a full clean before evening service.

Space & Distance

We still have plenty of space around the restaurant and will respect your personal space.


Being located over the water we have generous ventilation with the fresh sea breeze circulating around the restaurant. We also have tables outside subject to availability and weather.