Local Fish

  • Gurnard

    Caught in deep water, it’s nice and firm, slightly oily, with a wonderful taste. One of the finest fish from the Seafood Coast. Aspitrigla cuculus
  • Monkfish

    Firm and meaty, often described as having a lobster-like texture. Lophius piscatorius
  • Bass

    One of the most prized fish from the Seafood Coast. Luscious, slightly oily, creamy white flesh. The skin goes really crispy when grilled. The bigg...
  • Brill

    A flat fish with firmer flesh than Lemon Sole. Highly prized and really delicious Scophthalmus rhombus
  • Crab

    The crab caught off the Seafood Coast is without doubt the finest in the world. The claw meat is really sweet and the brown meat is rich and salty ...
  • Dover Sole

    Regarded as one of the best fish in the sea. The meat is firm  and silky with a delicate, delicious flavour. Solea solea
  • Hake

    Soft and luxurious, hake is a really juicy fish. The meat is white with a creamy texture.  Merluccius merluccius
  • John Dory

    Firm white flesh with an elegant texture and a slight taste of seaweed. Not always on the market, but when it is we buy it. Zeus faber
  • Lemon Sole

    Delicate, small white flakes of fish with a lovely soft texture Microstomus kitt 
  • Lobster

    Lobsters from the Seafood Coast are some of the best in the world. The meat is firm, sweet and there can be nothing more celebratory than lobster a...
  • Plaice

    A soft ivory white fish with a juicy fine texture and slightly peppery taste. Pleuronectes platessa 
  • Pollack

    Big white flakes of fish and a high moisture content. If you’re a cod lover you should try this. Pollachius pollachius