Though we rarely see it on British fish counters, largely because the demand in Spain is so very high. It’s a real treat then to get hold of a chunk – its flesh is soft and delicious and a firm favourite of mine. Keep on the lookout for it in your fishmonger and snap it up when you can.

Merluccius merluccius - caught in South West Waters

Taste Description

With the starchy aroma of baked or fried potatoes, European hake has a light but multi-layered flavour, featuring a soft lemon balm note, a warm vanilla sweetness as well as a suggestion of mushroomy earthiness. The milky grey/white flesh has a good level of juice, creating a yielding, melting mouth feel.


Per 100 g/4 oz: 92 kcals, 2.2 g fat

Soft and luxurious, hake is a really juicy fish. The meat is white with a creamy texture.