Firm and meaty, often described as having a lobster-like texture.

Lophius piscatorius - caught in South West Waters

Firm textured and mild, monkfish is made for strong flavours.Often termed ‘meaty’, its flesh is less delicate and flaky than many white fish, making it perfect for barbecuing – try this fish with lemon on rosemary skewers.

Taste description

Nutmeg, cinnamon, demerara sugar – the individual notes of monkfish’s aroma give it a sweetly spicy character, a little like mulled wine. The flavour is much less forceful, being mild, slightly sweet and quite fleeting. But it’s that shortness in taste that makes it one of the most versatile fish available and good for roasting, baking, frying and grilling. The muscular texture is another factor in its adaptability, as it’s very forgiving, with a dense but juicy mouth feel and great consistency, delivering the same level of moisture and robustness in every bite.


Per 100 g/4 oz: 66 kcals, 0.4 g fat