Local Fish

  • Mussels

    The most sustainable seafood on the planet, mussels get their flavour from the water they feed and live in. Mytilus edulis
  • Queen Scallop

    Fished off the Isle of Man these small scallops are incredibly sweet
  • Ray Wing

    Always cooked on the bone which are really soft and gelatinous. Some people like to chew and eat the bones. The meat is silky, juicy & sweet. R...
  • Sprat

    These small fish are very seasonal. Wonderfully oily, they are fried whole and nibbled from the bone, both delicious and satisfying.
  • Turbot

    A huge, majestic fish often called the king of fish. A fillet from this fish is firm, wonderful & very juicy, highly prized the world over.
  • Whiting

    Often overlooked, this member of the cod family has delicate small white flakes and a delicious savoury flavour. Merlangius merlangus