I want you to enjoy a great seafood meal in the comfort of your own home. Here you’ll find my suggestion of how to enjoy the best seafood experience. 

I hope you love it, I loved coming up with this mix.

Your fish was bought at its best and in prime condition from Brixham market within the last few days. To get your fish to you in as perfect condition as possible we freeze it quickly here so that it transports well. Just leave it in the fridge for a few hours and it will defrost slowly ready for cooking. I’ve suggested how you might enjoy cooking and serving it and there is a shopping list included for the other ingredients you would need, but of course how you cook it is up to you!

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The items in the box are:

Smoked Salmon
Pink peppercorns

Lime pickle butter

Tarragon & Pastis mayo





This box is gluten free.


You will also need:

Olive oil

Your favourite vegetable to eat with the main course

Chives for the Smoked Salmon

Coriander, spring onion & lime for the Monkfish

Leaves such as little gem for the Crab

Your favourite bread for the Crab & Anchoiade

For the Sardines


1 small red onion


Tabasco, Sriracha or your preferred hot sauce 





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