Barbecue Box

Barbecue Box

Today we're launching our brand new Barbecue Box, available to buy now from the online fishmonger. 

There's nothing better than cooking outside over coals, and our whole monkfish tails and spiny lobster tails are perfect for the barbecue. We've added in a jar of our fabulous garlic butter, great melted over your seafood and that's it.

Seafood simply cooked, with (hopefully) a bit of sunshine thrown in.


Monkfish tails on barbecue grill


Mitch's top tips for cooking your monkfish and lobster tails on the barbecue:

Light your barbecue, if possible, using eco-friendly fire lighters so that the flavour of your fish is not impacted by any fire lighter fumes

Always make sure the flames have died down and you have plenty of white-hot coals when you want to cook

Set the rack about 8 inches, or 20 cm above the heat for optimum cooking

Marinate your seafood in a little olive and lemon juice for 30 minutes before cooking

Season your monkfish tail with salt and give it a light sprinkling of breadcrumbs, not to coat it, just a sprinkle to add a little texture

Season and sprinkle the flesh side of the lobster tails in the same way

Put your monkfish onto the barbecue and just let it do its thing, turn a few times as you cook and don’t be afraid of the char marks on the fish, they will taste wonderful

Cooking times will depend on the size of the fish and the heat of your coals but when you see the opaque flesh turn white, and you can easily start to pull the flesh away from the bone with the back of a spoon you know it is done

Add the lobster tails flesh side down to the barbecue for just a few minutes, and then turn them over for a final minute or two on the shell side, again when the opaque flesh has turned white you know it is done

Melt your garlic butter in a small pan and spoon liberally over your monkfish and lobster tails

Serve with plenty of fresh salads, and crusty bread to soak up the juices


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