Fresh Crab Bruschetta

Fresh Crab Bruschetta

This simple recipe using a fresh whole dressed crab is great for a light summer meal. If you're cooking outdoors, toast your sourdough on the barbecue and then heap the crab mixture on top.  




1 dressed crab

Basil leaves

Fresh mint leaves

Juice 1/2 lemon

Olive oil


I red chilli finely chopped

6 cherry tomatoes quartered

2 slices sourdough


Rub the bread with olive oil and grill until toasted over an open fire or under a grill. 

Put the white meat of the crab in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. 

Add the tomatoes, basil, mint, chilli, lemon juice and mix gently together. Taste and add more of your chosen flavour, but try and keep the dressing light.

Spread the toasted sourdough with the brown meat from the crab and then heap the white crab mix on top, finishing with the crab claw.