Fresh crab available now

Fresh crab available now

Crab season has begun! From Wednesday 15th June we will have fresh crab available every Wednesday and Thursday in the online fishmonger, for next day delivery to your door. 


For the love of crab

"I have eaten crab all over the world and have come to the conclusion that the waters of the South Coast of England are home to the best brown crab in the World. The deep, fast flowing water off the English Channel is a rich source of food and the rocky coastline a perfect habitat.

The best way to enjoy crab is to keep it simple, freshly boiled in salty water and left to cool to room temperature. Take some time to open it and pick the white meat from the claws, legs and body, scoop out the rich brown meat and prepare fresh bread, some malt vinegar, white pepper and mayonnaise. Season the crab with pepper, sprinkle with vinegar then heap it onto the bread with the mayo, it just can’t be beaten.

The season has now started so it’s time to enjoy this wonderful very British crustacea and be proud that it is, for the sure, the best in the world."



Crab available from the online fishmonger

Fresh crab meat and whole dressed crabs are now on sale every Wednesday and Thursday from 15th June. We also have hand-made crab dishes available all week including fresh potted crab which makes the perfect lunch or starter heaped onto toasted sourdough. For all the flavours of a street food classic try our Singapore chilli crab butter, fabulous melted and spooned over your favourite fish.



Fresh crab recipes to try 

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