Sea Bass - 10% OFF this week!

Sea Bass - 10% OFF this week!

This week in our online fishmonger, we're celebrating our local sustainable Sea Bass with 10% off. 

The southwest is one of the best areas in the UK for Sea Bass. This highly prized game fish has a delicious white flesh which is satisfying and juicy grilled or oven baked. 

Our wild Sea Bass is caught by rod and line by Annie and Ian from their boat the Happy Hooker, making it one of the most sustainable species available. As they say "Rod and line might not be the easiest or fastest way to catch fish but we love it. The conditions and the tides have to be just right to catch them. Once we have, we get the fish on ice within minutes of it being caught and get it straight to Rockfish on the quay. It's the freshest you can get." 

We love working with Annie and Ian, and their fabulous Sea Bass is one of our favourites.  


This week in our online fishmonger we're offering 10% OFF ALL SEA BASS


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