Turbot, Scallop & Smoked Salmon Box

Rockfish Delivered

We are pleased to announce that our Seafood Experience Boxes are now available for delivery in January and February. We are delivering to mainland UK every Friday using DPD.

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  • About our Turbot, Scallop & Smoked Salmon Box

    I want you to enjoy a great seafood meal in the comfort of your own home. Here you’ll find my suggestion of how to enjoy the best seafood experience.

  • Preparing the Smoked Salmon

    The smoked salmon has been cured by our friends at the brilliant Brown and Forrest smokery in Somerset, with maple, salt and brown sugar.

    A lovely starter

  • Preparing the Turbot

    Turbot is the king of fish, it’s a big flatfish and your T bones were cut from a 2-3kg fish. These wonderful chunks of fish are best cooked on the bone, the meat becomes wonderfully sticky and delicious and is a joy. 

  • Preparing the Scallops

    Sweet South Coast scallops are the best selling starter at Rockfish which we cook in the same way as you are about to. 

  • Anchoïade

    A great Antipasti, perfect on sourdough.
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