Here are some great recommendations on fabulous wines to enjoy with your seafood box as recommended by Susy Atkins ~ Wine writer, broadcaster & weekly drinks columnist for The Sunday Telegraph. 

Best wine for the box overall
Chablis! The most elegant interpretation of the chardonnay grape, from relatively cool northern Burgundy, will be a versatile partner for everything in the box, except perhaps the sardines which are tricky fish. But if you are eating the scallops, smoked salmon and turbot in one big feast, then a young Chablis, fresh but in good balance with a slightly rounded, buttery finish, is your best bet.

Best wine for smoked salmon
I love a decent Champagne or English sparkler with smoked salmon as the crisp acidity and bubbles cut through the fish. Blanc de blancs styles are the best. Or make it a richer wine in the form of a lightly oaked chardonnay from Burgundy or the south of France, or a fine New World chardonnay.

Best wine for sardines
The oiliness of sardines can make a clash with certain wines, so tread carefully. The finest match is with a good Portuguese white. I like a dry, premium Vinho Verde, light and slightly spritzy.

Best wine with turbot
You can easily head back to Burgundy for a fine pairing with turbot and either bag a good value Macon-Villages or the sky’s the limit in the Cote d’Or. But another brilliant match is with the Spanish white grape verdejo, mainly grown in the Rueda region. It’s got plenty of refreshing citrus and peachy fruit and a herbal tang.

Best wine with scallops
Scallops served with breadcrumbs and butter need a citrus-fresh, succulent dry white to go with them. Make it French sauvignon blanc (ideally Sancerre, Pouilly-Fume or a Bordeaux sauv blanc) or a blend of sauv and semillon from Bordeaux. Another superb match for scallops is gruner veltliner from Austria which tastes of white pepper and grapefruit, and I like a Spanish albarino for a change too.

Best wine for anchoiade
It’s tough to stand up to the amazing but strong and salty flavours here but a fine, bone-dry Provencal rosé gets my vote every time!