Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Our customers come from a wide range of backgrounds, and our workforce needs to reflect this. Ensuring we are inclusive and having a diverse workforce is vital to our success.

Research shows that diverse businesses perform better – through innovation, better decision making, and attracting and keeping great people. 

At Rockfish we believe in treating all staff fairly and equally. Whether you are a director, a chef, a waiter or a fishmonger working in our fish room we believe that you are entitled to equal respect and fair and equitable rates of pay.

We employ a diverse range of people and believe in selecting the best person available for each role and as such we have a fairly even split of genders at all levels of the organisation. This can be seen by the split of males and females in each pay quartile.

Gender pay gap is the difference between men’s and women’s average hourly pay across an organisation, expressed as a percentage. It is reported as a mean average and median average (mid-point) figure. It is different to equal pay. 

Number of men & women in each quartile

Lower: 24 Male / 36 Female 
Lower Middle: 28 Male / 31 Female
Upper Middle: 36 Male / 23 Female
Upper: 37 Male / 23 Female

Mean Gender Pay Gap - 17.3%

Median Gender Pay Gap - 6.0%

Our Median Gender Pay Gap is significantly lower than the national average of 17.3%. This reflects the flat structure of our business with the vast majority of staff in roles delivering the service to customers.  We do still have a small Median Gender Pay Gap of 6.0%, and this is due to a higher proportion of our highest earners being male which pushes the median male rate of pay within Rockfish marginally higher. For the same reason we have a Mean Gender Pay Gap of 17.3%. We are actively addressing this and are pleased that women are now represented at all levels of our organisation including board level. 

Proportion of Males receiving a bonus  2.4%

Proportion of Females receiving a bonus  1.8%

Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap  -43.1%

Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap  -50.5%

A small number of bonus payments were made in the period to 4th April 2019, Rockfish had a negative Mean Gender Bonus Pay Gap of -43.1% and a negative Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap of -50.5%. This is due to the fact that the number of bonus’ paid to each gender was relatively even but the total value paid to Females receiving bonus payments was significantly higher.

The Future

As we move forward, we will continue to employ staff on an equitable basis by continuing to focus on the attributes of the individual. By doing this we are confident that we will continue to employ a fair mix of staff at all levels across the business.

I confirm that the information used to prepare and contained within this report is an accurate representation of our Gender Pay Analysis for the period ending 5th April 2019.