A plate of Smoked Haddock finished with Kedgeree butter from Rockfish the online fishmonger

Rockfish Easy

Our fish easy range is frozen at the quayside within hours of being landed and will thaw slowly on delivery to you and should be enjoyed within 3 days of delivery. Each fish easy pack comes with our expertly filleted fish and a flavoured butter, perfectly paired to go with your seafood.

Rockish Easy

Order before 2pm for next day delivery

Fresh as the day it landed

Your fish is expertly filleted and frozen at the quayside within hours of being landed. It will thaw slowly on delivery and arrive ready to cook, as fresh as it landed.

No mess, no fuss

Simply snip open the packet, place your fish on a tray and bake in a hot oven. Add your flavoured butter for the last 2 minutes of cooking time for fuss-free fish.

Delicious butters

Made in small batches by our Rockfish chefs using fresh ingredients, our delicious butters are perfectly paired so the flavours go with your chosen fish.

Zero Waste

Our sustainable south west seafood is caught when in abundance and frozen within hours of landing. This locks in the freshness, and none of the precious catch is wasted.