Lime Pickle Butter

Lime pickle is one of those aromatic, moreish love it or hate it flavours where the salty hit and zing of heat bring your tastebuds to life. Our lime pickle butter packs that same punch. It is flavoured with curry leaves, garlic and mustard, and is an incredible addition to all of our seafood.

It is equally good melted over steak, pork chops, or slathered onto chicken wings, Mitch even eats it spread on toast for breakfast!

Can I freeze it?
Milk, Sesame, Sulphites, Mustard
May contain:
Jar Size:
Butter (MILK), Lime Pickle (SESAME, SULPHITES), Mango Chutney (SESAME, SULPHITES), Coriander, Olive Oil, Garlic, MUSTARD Seed, Lime Juice (SULPHITES), Salt, Lime Zest, Curry Leaves

How to Cook

Fish loves butter. For many years it may have gone out of fashion but butter is a natural, healthy fat that is an incredible companion to seafood. We’ve created a range of butters with fresh herbs and spices like our Lime Pickle, Kedgeree or Bearnaise butters. They add flavour to your fish dish with minimal effort and are also wonderful with other proteins, vegetables, or just spread on thick sourdough toast.

Cooking with our butters is easy, simply warm the butter in a pan over a low heat, allowing it to melt gently and spoon over your cooked fish. Or, take your fish out of the oven just before it's cooked and put a spoonful of butter onto the fish. Put it back into the oven for just one final minute allowing the butter to melt before serving.