Monkfish Chops, Fresh Devon Crab and Smoked Salmon arranged on a table as part of the Rockfish Seafood Experience Box
Monkfish Chop dressed in a delicious Lime Pickle Butter garnised with spring onion and fresh coriander
Fresh Devon crab served with Rockfish Tarragon & Pastis Mayonnaise, garnised with salad leaves
Brown and Forrest smoked salmon dressed with olive oil, chives and pink peppercorns
Rockfish Anchoiade on a plate ready to be dunked with fresh bread

Monkfish, Crab & Smoked Salmon Seafood Box

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We've tried to keep this box full of great and simple to prepare seafood dishes, so you can experience a taste of Brixham seafood.

You'll find a pack of Smoked Salmon from our friends at Brown & Forrest.

Monkfish's meaty texture is perfect paired with strong curry flavours - that's why we've developed this delicious lime pickle butter to melt over it. South Coast Crab is amongst the best in the world and there is nothing better than having it simply served with bread and mayonnaise, especially when the mayonnaise is as good as our tarragon and Pastis mayonnaise. 

Your box comes with full instructions of how to prepare your dishes. You can enjoy this box as a complete 3 course meal or if you're feeling creative, use each part as you wish. We deliver our seafood experience boxes on a Friday and you should consume within 2 days of delivery.

The items in this seafood experience box are:

Smoked Salmon
Pink peppercorns

Monkfish Chop
Lime pickle butter

Tarragon & Pastis mayo


Rockfish Sardines from Mount's Bay, Cornwall



You will also need: 

Olive oil

Your favourite vegetable to eat with the main course

Chives for the Smoked Salmon

Coriander, spring onion & lime for the Monkfish

Leaves such as little gem for the Crab

Your favourite bread for the Crab & Anchoiade

For the Sardines


1 small red onion


Tabasco, Sriracha or your preferred hot sauce 








How to cook everything in this box