Seahorse At Home
Seahorse At Home
Seahorse At Home
Seahorse At Home
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Seahorse At Home

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A one-off opportunity to enjoy The Seahorse at home with our classic restaurant menu delivered on 5th March.

A message from Mitch. 

We are all missing the Seahorse so much as I’m guessing many of you are.
Ever since we opened there has been a classic Seahorse order that has become our most popular time after time - roasted Brixham scallops, monkfish for two and our Italian tomato salad. Some nights over half of our guests enjoy this simple but wonderful meal that has now become a signature meal at the restaurant.
Amongst dreaming up our plans for this summer, Jake and the kitchen team thought it would be a lovely idea to put this classic Seahorse menu into a box for you to recreate at home. To be delivered on March 5th it’s a one time only, five course lockdown edition box and they are making them pretty special. The chefs have done all the work for you, it’s just that last bit of cooking you need to do using their full instructions on how to curate the perfect Seahorse meal.You'll enjoy five delicious courses and the whole bottles of olive oil and agrodolce vinegar, which are included with the menu, can be kept in the kitchen for months to come ready to dress salads and tomatoes in that special Seahorse way, it's exactly what we use in the kitchen.


Freshly baked foccacia & anchoïade 
Noire de Nyons olives
Campagnola ~ Piedmont salami with fennel & chilli
Pepperoncini Arrosto


Brixham scallops in their shells, Vermintino wine, garlic butter & breadcrumbs 


Monkfish for two with rosemary & garlic already prepared for you to grill on the bbq or roast in the oven


Florence fennel gratin 

Marinda tomatoes & marjoram




Brie aux truffe - French brie with black truffles

Also includes:

  • A personalised Seahorse menu, place mats & full instructions from head chef Jake
  • A whole bottle of new season Seahorse November 2020 olive oil, Tuscany 750 ml - RRP £25
  • A whole bottle of our exclusive Seahorse Agrodolce vinegar made from Cava wine in Catalonia 500 ml - RRP £15
The price per box is £150 including free delivery and there will be a limited number so we advise early ordering. We will deliver them on March 5th. We look forward to sending some Seahorse hospitality to your home.
Regards & best wishes from us all,


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