Lemon Sole with Potted Shrimp Butter

Lemon Sole with Potted Shrimp Butter

We know that one thing that can put people off eating more fish, is knowing what to do with it. Fish Easy solves that problem for you. Expertly filleted fish perfectly paired with a freshly made butter. All you need is a hot oven to create a fabulous seafood dish at home.

Lemon Sole with Potted Shrimp Butter is a perfect match. This delicious and delicate fish has been expertly prepared by the team and with the addition of Potted Shrimp Butter makes a wonderful meal with next to no effort.
Portion Size:
Min 200g
Serves 1
Skin on:
Can I freeze it?
Latin name:
Microstomus kitt
Fish, Crustacean, Milk
May contain:
Mollusc, celery, nuts, fish, eggs, mustard
Brown Shrimps (CRUSTACEAN), Butter (MILK), Cayenne Pepper, Mace, White Pepper, Salt
Shelf Life:
3 days

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Every day our expert team buy the freshest fish directly from the fleet in Brixham and from the most sustainable fisheries in the world for the online seafood market.

We prepare and portion the fish right at the quayside, just metres from where the boats land, and all the seafood is fully traceable right back to which boat caught it.

We pack and send via our carbon neutral delivery partner to your door in our eco-packaging. Our boxes and insulation are made from recycled materials, and can be recycled too.

When fish is in abundance we blast freeze it at the quayside, locking in the freshness so you can enjoy your favourite even when that specie isn't landed or the boats can't go out.