Rockfish Gifts

Treat one of your favourite people to a cookbook or gift vouchers to spend in one of our restaurants, or how about a few cans of delicious Rockfish Tinned British seafood?


Gift Vouchers*

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We've got vouchers from £10 through to £100 and upwards so they can come to Rockfish and enjoy choosing from the entire menu, from fresh local fried or grilled fish of the day to local shellfish and a glass of good champagne, all thanks to you! Our gift cards can be purchased to spend at any Rockfish restaurant. Simply order below and you can have it delivered to your address to present on the special day, or have it sent direct to the recipient's email account. 

*Please note gift vouchers are redeemable in Rockfish restaurants only. They cannot currently be used for online purchases at

NEW! Rockfish Tinned Seafood Range 

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The perfect gift for any foodie who loves the simple things in life. We catch and source fresh seafood direct from the South Coast of England, and cook it slowly for maximum flavour and marinate it in delicious oils and sauces which are truly wonderful even if you enjoy them simply just with crusty bread, mopping up every last drop from the tin. Gift a moment of pure luxury. 

Rockfish The Cookbook 

Buy a The Cookbook here 

Rockfish The Cookbook - £18

Available to buy in the restaurants too.

Altering Course ~ The Covid Chronicles

by Laura Cowan & John Barnes

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Altering Course is a collection of personal stories and insights that the authors have collected, surprising reinventions, changed perspectives and altered directions and about how they faced those challenges. There are stories in here from the world of sailing, volunteering, music, film directing, cycling, wineries, hospitality and more. All proceeds go to Mind Charity UK ( Harrogate).

Available to buy in the restaurants are:

'Rockfish The Cookbook' Mitch Tonks - £18

‘Fish’ Book Mitch Tonks - £25 

‘Fish Easy’ Book  Mitch Tonks - £19.99

Ocean Protector Pack - £2.95
Packed with fish facts take home an extra children’s pack

Children’s 'Happy as a Clam' T shirt - £7.99
Or get 5 stamps from children’s meals in the restaurant and you could get yourself a free children’s tshirt!