The seafood we serve and sell will always be fresh, seasonal and sustainable. This means that the market fish available in our restaurants, and the species we have for sale in our online seafood market, are updated daily based on what's been landed in Brixham that morning.

These species are at their best and most abundant at this time of year. You'll find them on the market fish list in our restaurants - we'll let you know which have been landed that day - and make sure to watch out for them in the online seafood market too.


A flat fish with firmer flesh than lemon sole. Known for its sweet flavour, it is highly prized and really delicious.

Smoked Haddock

The best smoked haddock fillet served with Kedgeree butter and mashed potatoes.


A grilled fillet cut from a larger fish with a similar flavour & texture to cod.

Dover Sole

Wonderfully luxurious and highly sought after, Dover Sole has a mild, sweet flavour with very firm, small flaked flesh. One of the best eating fish in the sea, we serve it simply grilled with lemon and olive oil.


Gurnard is a local fish caught in deep water around the south west coast. It is nice and firm, slightly oily with a wonderful flavour.


Hake's flesh is soft, delicious and incredibly succulent. We cook a hake loin a la plancha and serve with romesco sauce.

Lemon Sole

Confusingly the Lemon Sole is neither a Sole nor does it taste of lemons. A delicate flatfish, we grill it on the bone and serve it with lemon dill butter.

Monkfish Tail

Firm and meaty with a mild flavour, Lobster-like texture and no small bones to worry about.


Plaice is a soft ivory white fish with a juicy fine texture and a slightly peppery taste. Grilled ad served with garlic butter or breaded, please ask your server how we are serving it today.


A very mild delicate flavour with sweet notes & a firm bite.

White Ling

A member of the cod family, ling is a lean, white, large flaked fish.


Scampi size pieces of monkfish fillet, breadcrumbed & fried crisp, served with tartare sauce.

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Enjoy our seasonal daily landings, simply cooked & served overlooking the water at one of our wonderful coastal seafood restaurants in Devon & Dorset.

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Our expert team walk the Brixham fish market every morning to select the best of the days landings, then prepare it at hte quayside ready to send out to you on the same day.

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Sustainability is all about ensuring fish species can continue to reproduce so that healthy stock levels are maintained. We do not buy seafood from any fishery that is not well controlled or managed, we do not sell fish that is endangered, and we don’t buy from anywhere where we feel uncomfortable about the health of the fishery or fishing method.