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The Rockfish Box

Return your Packaging

You can recycle your box kerbside by folding it flat and putting with your other plastics. Alternatively, to return your packaging to us for free please follow this link to Royal Mail and book it in using their form.

  1. What to return? We'd love you to return your ice packs, the insulation and the box to us. Unfortunately we can't take anything else so please rinse out your vac pac plastic - it can be recycled kerbside or at your local supermarket along with any soft plastics. The jars for your sauces and butters can be washed and reused or popped into your normal recycling.
  2. How to pack your return Please put the ice packs back into your box with the insulation and seal up the box using the stickers in the bottom of your box.
  3. How to book your return? Click the link below to book your return with Royal Mail. (FYI even our large box is smaller than the Royal Mail maximum return size of 61x46x46 so they can all be sent back using this service). You'll need to enter your details and your Rockfish order number, then you can either print the return label at home, or just take the box and the QR Code emailed to you to the post office and they'll do the printing for you.
  4. At the post office Hand your box in at the post office and show them the QR code that was emailed to you, and that's it. Royal Mail and Seafood at Home will take it from there
  5. Sit back and relax

Return your box here

About Our Packaging

Our fish is delivered in unique Eco-packaging from fully recycled material and the insulation is made from plastic bottles. You can put the box out for recycling or you can return it to us FOR FREE along with the ice packs and insulation using the instructions above.