Our recycled & recyclable packaging

We'll pay you to send it back

Yes, you read that right. Our zero-waste mission has extended to our packaging. Now, the recycled plastic boxes we use to keep your seafood orders cool will get recycled again into even cooler tables, chairs, benches and more. Better still, we’ll pay you to do it!

The catch? There is none.

All you have to do is get the box back to us and our partners in Exeter will do the rest. To say thanks, we’ll give you £5.00 off your next £40.00 order. 

Please do send

The Outer Box & Lid

The Insulation Parts - This is the soft squidgy parts around the inside of the box.

Ice Packs - You can refreeze these & use them again too.

Your Packing Slip - This helps us identify who has sent the box so we can send you a discount code for your next order.

Please Don't Send

Vac Pac film - Recycle this with your soft plastics at a recycling centre or large supermarkets.

Glass Jars - Recycle with your curbside recycling or recycling centre.

Old Fish - We cannot accept back any old fish.

1/ Label

We’ve included a label with our address. Stick this over the top of your delivery address so no one gets confused. IMPORTANT - Please remove or completely cover up the original DPD label on the box or the box can be lost in transit.

2/ Post

You choose how to get the packaging back to us. Here's some options, Royal Mail even collect from your house!

Royal Mail >
Evri >
We do not recommend using DPD to return the box.

Average cost £2.50

3/ Money

Make sure to include your packing slip in the box and we’ll email you a code for £5.00 off your next £40.00 order

Please note it can take up to 10 days to receive your discount code.

About our packaging

Our fish is delivered in unique eco-packaging designed to keep the content cold. It's made from fully recycled material and the insulation is made from recycled plastic bottles. With most councils around the UK it is recyclable curbside.