About Sustainability at Rockfish

Tomorrow's fish are still in the sea

At Rockfish we want to enjoy wonderful seafood today, whilst ensuring our fish stocks are kept rich and vibrant so they can be enjoyed by future generations.

For us this means:


Knowing where our fish comes from and being able to trace it to the very boat on which it was caught. 

Zero Waste

A shocking 35% of harvested seafood worldwide is chucked in the bin before ever reaching a plate (some sources put this figure as high as 50%!) At Rockfish zero fish are ever thrown away. 


The marine world is a delicate ecosystem. We want our menus to reflect this, taking a low impact approach and enjoying what is good to eat right now. 



Every fish on our menu, or delivered to your door, has been sourced from one of three places:

Our own boat, The Rockfisher, or boats like it that we know well, here within our home community of Brixham.

MSC certified fisheries. Mitch personally visits fisheries in places like Spain and Norway so that he is confident any fish we supply (which cannot be caught locally) is from oceans that are not exploited.

Accredited Freshwater Farms. Not all the fish we serve come from the sea. Our chalk stream trout is reared by organisations that farm with nature rather than against it.

Our zero-waste supply chain

Each day we expertly select prime fish from Brixham market and sustainable fisheries around the world that we know and trust.

We prepare each fish with care at our facility just 17 metres away from where the boats land their catch.

We send it to our restaurants in time for lunch that day, or direct to your door in our eco-packaging.

We know within hours if any seafood is not going to sell, so instead we blast freeze it that day making it available to buy online from our frozen section.



To ensure a long and healthy future for our fisheries we must break this belief that the fish we want to eat are available all year around. They’re not.

We only want to source fish when they are at their most abundant and want to avoid them at the times when they are vulnerable (such as during their spawning season.)

1/ We change our main menu in winter and summer to reflect what is being caught at different times of year.

2/ Both our daily landings menu and Mitch’s picks on our Online Seafood Market sell fish that have been landed that day.

At Rockfish you won’t be able to find mackerel in January or bass in February because we believe that in order to really celebrate seafood it has to be eaten at its best when it’s best.


Hyper-efficient fishing and supply chain systems as well as unregulated fishery management have spawned a culture of thinking we can eat any fish we want any of the time.

At Rockfish we believe there are more traditional ways of enjoying out of season fish, that has none of the impact on the environment.

Inspired by the conservas of Spain and Portugal our tinned seafood project provides us with a sustainable way of preserving fish when it’s at its peak abundance and condition, preserving our enjoyment for another day.