Casting our net wider for the most sustainable seafood on the planet

Casting our net wider for the most sustainable seafood on the planet

Over the 25 years that I’ve been selling fish I have witnessed a lot of change. One of my best sellers when I opened in 1996 was wild salmon that I would buy from fisherman working the rivers Severn and Wye. It was never a big fishery, and the methods of fishing were ancient and on a small scale, but concerns about the salmon population meant it stopped literally overnight.

It serves as a stark reminder to me that those of us who sell seafood have to have sustainability as a core value in all we do. In my last blog I wrote about our zero-waste fishmonger and how I believe that the wastage of seafood is as threatening to fish stocks as overfishing.

My aim with the Online Seafood Market is that one day all fish will be sold direct so that wastage is eliminated from the supply chain completely, waste less, catch less.

I love to see the fresh fish landed at Brixham everyday, but I’m also fascinated by some of the other leading MSC fisheries around the world where fish are caught in sustainable numbers, preserved by freezing using the latest technology, then transported and thawed ready for eating. We are working on expanding our range to include species from other parts of the world that meet the highest criteria in sustainability standards, from wonderful tuna and Pacific salmon to the finest cod I’ve ever tasted.  I’m going to be travelling a lot over the next few months and will share the experience as I seek out the most sustainable seafood in the world to complement our wonderful Brixham landings.