Sustainable seasonal seafood

Sustainable, seasonal seafood

Sustainability and the sea

Rockfish works closely with the people at the forefront of the sustainability issues that affect our oceans: fishermen. They are the ones who are close to the science, who know their environment, and who are using their ingenuity to maintain healthy fisheries, regenerative marine environments, and thriving coastal communities.

Everything we do mirrors the same best practices, so with Rockfish you can be sure you're making the right choice. Buy from us and you're buying from the fishermen we work with. 

Creating sustainable fisheries requires ongoing commitment from fishermen and scientists, but also consumers. Making sustainable seafood available to you both in our restaurants and through the Online Seafood Market is incredibly important to us, and the care we take has been recognised through a 2-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association


Changing seasons, same superb quality 

We are lucky in that the species of fish caught in South West waters and landed at Brixham is both varied, and available almost all year round.

However, some factors mean we may decide not to sell certain ones. For instance, for our prime cut t-bones of brill, turbot and plaice, we seek out large flat fish that have had time to mature and develop deep flavourful flesh. This means they're less available just after spawning when the fish are still growing. Similarly, during breeding season, some fish will be packed full of roe, which isn't to everyone's taste (and not forgetting that these will be the fish for seasons to come). 

When fish are at their best and caught in abundance, we'll often buy them, portion them and flash freeze them at the quayside. Our wonderful tinned fish range also means that you can enjoy incredible British seafood all year round. 


Whichever fish you see in our online market, you can be sure it's in peak condition and has been caught in line with our desire for us all to enjoy seafood. Not just now, but well into the future.