At Rockfish we are on a mission to change the way you experience seafood. For us, that means the freshest fish available every day, and doing our part to make sure there is plenty of seafood to enjoy well into the future.

Every day our expert team select the best fish directly from the fleet in Brixham and from the most sustainable fisheries in the world, certified by the MSC. We prepare and portion it right at the quay, just metres from where the boats come in and then send it to our restaurants, or pack it in our eco-packaging and send it to your door. Any seafood not sold that morning is blast frozen at the quay locking in the freshness so it can be enjoyed when that species isn't landed, or when the weather means the boats can't go out. No waste, just fresh sustainable seafood for today, and tomorrow.

Rockfish Quayside

Our base at the Brixham quayside is at the heart of what makes Rockfish so special. Fresh fish is landed in Brixham every morning and sold to buyers from around the world at the Brixham fish market.

Rather than rely only on an online auction, our team walk the market every morning, so they can see the exact fish they're buying and hand select the best from the days landings. We only buy the freshest fish from boats we know and trust, including our own boat Rockfisher.

Our team of skilled fishmongers work right on the quayside just metres from the market. Once it is portioned and prepared the seafood gets sent directly to our coastal restaurants, and to you at home, as fresh as the day it landed.

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Coastal Restaurants

Enjoy delicious fresh fish, simply cooked and served overlooking the water at our coastal seafood restaurants in Devon & Dorset. As well as the selection of seasonal dishes on our menu, your server will let you know what has been landed from our fresh market fish that day.

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Online Seafood Market

Seasonal and sustainable seafood from the quayside right to your door. Our expert team walk the Brixham fish market every morning to hand select the best of the days landings. Your fish is prepared and portioned by our skilled filleters at the quayside and sent out to you on the very same day.

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Brixham Fish Market Tours

Get a fascinating behind the scenes insight into how and where our sustainable seafood is landed at England's largest fish market. See up to 40 species of fish and learn what's involved in getting the fish from the sea to plate, before enjoying a delicious seafood breakfast at our Brixham restaurant, overlooking the harbour. Tickets are £25 per person and all profits go to the Fishermen's Mission.



With the seas around Britain offering some of the best fish in the world, our tinned seafood captures that quality, preserving British-landed fish in peak condition, as good as the day it was caught. Easy to use and transformative in salads, pastas and as a simple tapas, they’re wonderfully versatile and packed with nutrients. Eating and cooking with our tinned fish is a very special experience.


rockfish tinned fish, relish and crackers available for delivery nationwide


Sustainability is all about ensuring fish species can continue to reproduce so that healthy stock levels are maintained. Our unique zero-waste supply chain, and our pledge to sustainable sourcing means you can trust we are doing everything we can to help you enjoy fish today, and that there is plenty of fish in the sea for the future.



Mitch is an acclaimed restauranteur, chef and author with a passion for seafood, as well as the founder of Rockfish. He is a champion of sustainability, ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council in the UK and driven by a strong belief that the South West coast is Britain’s Seafood Coast and produces some of the finest seafood in the world.