Scallops recipes

Scallop Recipes

Scallops are found in abundance in South West waters, and are simply one of the most delicious seafoods. Watch out for our diver caught scallops in the online seafood market - the adult scallops are picked by hand meaning no by-catch and no damage to the sea bed.

Here are some of Mitch's favourite scallop recipes to try at home:

Scallops with white port and garlic

This scallop recipe is on the menu at Mitch's Seahorse Restaurant in Dartmouth and is a firm favourite with guests.

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Grilled scallops with garlic butter

You can make your own garlic butter from scratch for this scallop recipe, or you can use our Rockfish garlic butter - prepared by our chefs.

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Fried scallops with malt vinegar and jalapeno tartare

This ultimate fried seafood, this scallop recipe is wonderful and very simple if you're up for deep-frying at home.

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Breakfast scallop and black pudding roll

The sweet scallops pair perfectly with the pepperiness in the back pudding to make this scallop recipe and delicious treat.

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