Our Seafood Menu

Served Daily

Aperitif & Appetisers

Green Olives From Seville

Sweet Chilli Peppers

Pickled Anchovy Fillets

Freshly Baked Bread Roll
Artisan bread roll finished to order
with Anchovy Mayonnaise 3.95 with Salted Butter 3.50

Rockfish Tinned Seafood

We take the best local seasonal seafood & preserve it by hand. Served from the tin with crusty bread & pickles

Mount’s Bay Sardines   9.95

Lyme Bay Mussels    11.95 

Bay Mackerel Fillet    10.95 

Brixham Cuttlefish    11.95

White Bonito Tuna   11.95
Hook & line caught off the North
Coast of Spain

Three of our Tinned Fish for Two to Share
£13 per person


Leigh-on-sea Cockles with Bread & Butter   8.95
The best cockles in England. Enjoy with white pepper & malt vinegar

Fresh Fried Bay of Biscay Anchovies  8.95
For whitebait lovers! Fresh anchovies caught in the Bay of Biscay, fried whole & crisp with aioli

Monkfish Scampi   13.95
The original "scampi", pieces of prime monkfish fillet fried in breadcrumbs, served with tartare sauce

Half Pint of Norwegian Prawns    8.95
Caught by the “Arctic Swan” in the Fjords of Norway. These sweet
prawns are served shell on with cocktail sauce

Salt & Pepper Brixham ‘Calamari’     10.95
Crisp fried cuttlefish sprinkled with black, white & Sichuan pepper served with Singapore chilli sauce

Firecracker Prawn Cocktail    10.95
Succulent Norwegian prawns dressed in a spiced seafood sauce with little gem & spring onions

Crisp Fried Tempura Vegetables    8.95
Asparagus, courgette, green beans, carrots & red onion fried
in a light crisp batter, served with chilli dipping sauce

Portland Pearl Oysters 
Grown in the clear waters of Chesil Fleet - served natural with mignonette & our own chilli sauce

3 oysters 9.95     6 oysters 18.95  


Our team will also mark on the menu today's availability and prices of market fish from our list of seasonal, sustainably caught seafood and shellfish. This will be led by what has been landed by the fleet in Brixham that morning. Your choice of fresh fish will then be cooked to order and served with your choice of Cornish new potatoes, a green salad or unlimited chips.



Norwegian Rockfish Fillets   18.95 
Delicious mild & sweet taste with a firm texture, crisp fried in Rockfish batter, served with homemade tartar sauce, pickle & unlimited chips

Prime Brixham Hake Fillet   20.95
A sustainability success story. Fried skin on in Rockfish batter, served with homemade tartar sauce, pickle & unlimited chips

Large Line Caught Haddock   23.95 
Prime 12oz fillet of Icelandic dayboat haddock, fried skin on in Rockfish batter, served with homemade tartar sauce, pickle & unlimited chips

Chargrilled Sea Bream with Greek Island Salad   20.95
A chargrilled fillet served on a salad of tomatoes, kalamata olives, peppers, cucumber & barrel aged feta with a fresh oregano dressing

Fritto Misto   22.95
Mitch’s favourite fried seafood dish, crispy fried calamari, rockfish, prawns & anchovies. Served with garlic aioli

Platter of “Fruits de Mer”
for 2 people 37.50 per person
Lyme Bay mussels, Portland oysters, dressed Dartmouth crab, Leigh-on-Sea cockles, Norwegian prawns & king prawns. Served with a bread roll, mayonnaise, cocktail sauce & salad

Grilled Brixham Cuttlefish   19.95
Whole chargrilled cuttlefish, finished with lemon, garlic, parsley & olive oil 

Chicken Milanese   19.95
Pipers Farm chicken breast fried in a light breadcrumb with grated parmesan, garlic slaw & rocket salad

Rockfish Tacos
Three corn tortillas filled with fresh slaw, lime, coriander & chilli,
garlic yoghurt, mojo verde & tomato salsa - a flavour bomb!

Your choice of seafood or vegetarian...

Crisp Fried Rockfish Fillet   18.95

Crisp Fried Artichoke   16.95


Unlimited Chips    3.95
Fried to order - enjoy as many as you like

Cornish New Potatoes    3.95
with olive oil, mint & sea salt

House Salad    3.95
Mixed leaves, onions & cucumber with a classic vinaigrette

Garlic Slaw   3.75
Cabbage, carrots, onions & garlic dressing

Fine Green Beans    3.95
Sauté with shallots, rosemary & olive oil

Sautéed Spinach    4.25
Finished with garlic & a squeeze of lemon

Yorkshire Garden Peas    3.95
Early crop peas & butter

Mushy Peas    2.95
Our famous side with butter & white pepper

Curried Mushy Peas    3.25
Our famous side, mushy peas with Mr Sandhu’s curry sauce


Mr Sandhu’s Curry Sauce    2.95
The original Mr Sandhu’s curry sauce, a must

Roasted Garlic Aioli    1.95
Creamy roasted garlic aioli, great with chips

Jalapeño Tartare    1.95
Our classic tartare with a bit of heat

Romesco Sauce    2.95
A Spanish classic, almonds, roasted red peppers & paprika, perfect with grilled seafood

Anchovy Mayonnaise    2.95
Salted anchovies, capers and red wine vinegar

Children's Menu

Suitable for children up to the age of 11. Includes chips, a choice of a side & artisan vanilla or chocolate gelato.

Crisp Fried Local Fish Fillet 9.95
Changes daily, from the market

Grilled Local Fish Fillet 9.95
Changes daily, from the market

Prime Chicken Breast in a Light Breadcrumb 9.95

Fried Halloumi Sticks 9.95

+ an ocean protector pack

Dessert Menu

Artisan Italian Gelato 5.95 
A choice of 3 scoops - Madagascan Vanilla ~ Double Chocolate ~ Salted Caramel ~ Lemon Sorbet

Warm Chocolate Brownie 8.50
Served with Madagascan vanilla gelato 

Sticky Toffee Pudding 8.50
Classic steamed pudding served with clotted cream 

Crème Brûlée 8.50
A rich custard base topped with a layer of caramelised sugar

Fisherman’s Coffee 8.95 
Coffee with Armagnac, Disaronno Amaretto & double cream float 


If you have food allergies, or intolerances, just talk to the team when you visit, or take a look at our allergens menu.

The entire menu can be prepared gluten free upon request.

See our allergens menu

Our drinks list

We have wonderful selection of wines carefully chosen to compliment our seafood as well as our own brew of lager and IPA in collaboration with Salcombe brewery.

See drinks list

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