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Our seafood menu

Our fish is fresh, local & sustainable. We buy mostly from the fleet that lands daily at the quayside at Brixham fish market and supplement this with the catch from our own boat Rockfisher which fishes along the Devon & Dorset coastline. Our skilled fishmongers prepare it in our premises in Brixham, before sending it to our restaurants each day before lunch. A member of our Rockfish team will mark your tablecloth to show you today’s availability from Brixham and Rockfisher.

This menu is also available totally gluten free upon request and suitable for coeliacs. We also have a full list of allergens you can see below if you have any intolerances.

Adults need around 2000 kcal per day.  Calorie count is calculated per dish without chips or salad or the sauce. Seafood is a source of Omega-3 fatty acid

  • Sweet Chilli Peppers

    Sweet & sour pickled peppers from northern Spain

    50 Kcal

  • Anchovy Mayonnaise & Sourdough

    563 Kcal

  • Green Olives from Seville

    60 Kcal

  • Roasted Half Shell Scallops

    Caught within a few miles of this restaurant. Roasted in the shell with loads of garlic & breadcrumbs

    652 Kcal

  • Crisp Fried Salt & Pepper Brixham ‘Calamari’

    Crispy cuttlefish, sprinkled with a fragrant mix of peppercorns & sea salt served with Singapore sauce

    250 Kcal

  • Rockfish Tinned British Fish Selection to Share

    Mussels, Mackerel & Brixham Calamari served from the tin
    with sourdough, red onion, rocket salad & our own pickled relish

    1180 Kcal  - £13 per person 

  • Half Pint of Norwegian Prawns

    Caught in ice cold Arctic waters, these prawns are delicious & sweet. The best we’ve ever tasted, served shell-on with cocktail sauce

    230 Kcal

  • Crisp Fried Baltic Whitebait & Aioli

    Wonderfully flavoured juicy whitebait, fried crisp served  & served with aioli & lemon.

    425 Kcal 

  • Crisp Fried Salt & Pepper Halloumi

    Halloumi fried crisp & dressed with a fragrant mix of three different peppercorns. Served with sriracha mayonnaise

    550 Kcal

  • Half Dozen Wild Caught Garlic Prawns

    Caught off the Argentinian coast these prawns have a deep rich flavour, cooked on the plancha & served smothered with garlic butter

    434 Kcal


You can expect to find around 5 local fish on our menu each day depending on the weather and the season.

All of our main dishes are served with a mixed salad (135 Kcal) or unlimited chips (420 Kcal per cup) & complimentary still or sparkling water

  • Local Fish

    This is our favourite part of the menu! Our buyers on Brixham market buy the best of the days catch and our skilled fishmongers prepare it downstairs in our Brixham restaurant in the Fish Room, and then send it on its way to each of our restaurants everyday before lunch. Your Rockfish server will mark your tablecloth with what is fresh in today!

  • Prime Cod Fillet

    We use a special thick cut of prime cod loin prepared daily from only the largest fish. Crisp fried in our Rockfish batter with house made tartare sauce & pickles. Certified sustainable by the MSC.

    430 Kcal

  • Haddock fillet - line caught

    A prime whole fresh fillet crisp fried in our Rockfish batter with the skin on for maximum juiciness & flavour. Served with homemade tartare sauce
    & pickles. Certified sustainable by the MSC.

    575 Kcal 

  • Grilled Rock Lobster with Thermidor butter

    Rock lobster from the Tristan Islands, one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world. 2 whole tails grilled with a thermidor butter made with brandy, garlic, tarragon and just a hint of parmesan 

    610 Kcal

  • Chargrilled Brixham Calamari

    A whole cuttlefish chargrilled & finished with lemon, garlic, parsley & olive oil

    290 Kcal

  • Grilled Rockfish Fillets with Lime Pickle Butter

    Full of flavour & perfect for a true Rockfish experience. Grilled with a delicious butter, made from salted limes, spices, lime juice & coriander

    395 Kcal


Served with a mixed salad (135 Kcal) or unlimited chips (420 Kcal per cup) & complimentary still or sparkling water

  • Bombay Veg Burger

    Pulses, spices & vegetables made in house, fried & served in a soft bun with curry mayo, fresh slaw & garlic dressing

    555 Kcal

  • Souvlaki Chicken

    Chicken breast rubbed with spices, chargrilled & served in a soft roll with fresh greek style slaw, lemon & aioli

    445 Kcal

The Curried Mushy Peas is a Rockfish favourite.
  • Spinach with Garlic

    195 Kcal 

  • Mushy Peas

    80 Kcal

  • Curried Mushy Peas

    Created at Rockfish, our mushy peas topped with Mr Sandhu's curry sauce & fresh coriander - a must!

    95 Kcal

  • Fresh Cut Chips

    We use the best local potatoes

    420 Kcal

  • Mr Sandhu’s Curry Sauce

    75 Kcal

  • Anchovy Mayonnaise

    The recipe from our Seahorse restaurant in Dartmouth, perfect to dip chips into or on grilled fish

    315 Kcal

  • Sourdough Bread with Sea-salted Butter

    433 Kcal

  • Jalapeño Tartare

    Rockfish Tartare sauce spiked with Jalapeño

    195 Kcal

  • Romaine & Parmesan

    with garlic dressing

    295 Kcal

  • Feta

    Tomato, cucumber, red onion, green pepper, olive & feta

    270 Kcal

  • House

    Romaine, tomato, onion & cucumber with herb dressing

    135 Kcal

We offer Champagne for £6.95 a glass, a great way to start your meal.
As Churchill once said, “In victory you deserve it, in defeat you need it”.
  • Fisherman’s Coffee

    Freshly brewed coffee with Armagnac, Amaretto Disaronno & double cream floated on the top

    275 Kcal

  • Homemade Dessert

    Freshly made each day

  • Devon Vanilla Ice Cream

    Made from luxurious Devon cream to our recipe.

    Served with chocolate (350 Kcal), toffee (375 Kcal) or strawberry sauce (275 Kcal)


Children’s meals include a main course and an ice cream 

  • Fried Prime Cod

    MSC Certified Fish


    560 Kcal

  • Grilled Local Fish

    Changes daily, from the market

  • Fried Halloumi Sticks
    670 Kcal
  • Fried Chicken
    640 Kcal
Our entire restaurant menu can be prepared gluten free upon request. When prepared & cooked this way it is also suitable for coeliacs. We use separate tools and a separate pan to cook our gluten free dishes but as our kitchen handles gluten containing products we can't rule out the risk of cross contamination. Please read our allergen menu for more information.

We catch our fish and buy from boats landing in to Brixham market

We prepare the fish before sending it to the restaurants each morning

Your server will mark the local fish offering

Our chefs will cook it fresh to order

Tomorrow’s fish are still in the sea

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