Mitch Tonks is founder and CEO of Rockfish, a unique seafood business which catches, processes and serves local seafood at 9 coastal locations in the South-West as well as delivering fresh fish to people’s homes nationwide from the Rockfish online seafood market. He also founded and runs the award-winning Seahorse restaurant in Dartmouth and has written 7 cookbooks. 

Over his 25-year career in seafood as a fishmonger, chef, restaurateur and CEO he has been a leading, respected and credible voice for seafood, a champion of British fishing and fishermen and the Southwest fish market in Brixham. His mission is to get more people enjoy British seafood in the UK, reducing exports, reducing imports, reducing waste and showing people how great our island’s seafood is.

A lifelong love of seafood

Mitch grew up in Weston-super-Mare and it was in his grandmothers kitchen that his earliest food memories would form. He opened his first fishmongers in 1996 with the aim was to help people buy and eat the freshest and most sustainable seafood in the world. 26 years of experience later he still has the same aim. Through the Rockfish restaurants, and online seafood market, Mitch has introduced thousands of people to the incredible fish available in Southwest waters. With his range of tinned British seafood, available online and wholesale, he has reached even more people, and been able to preserve the precious catch to enjoy year round.


Rockfish restaurants

Our seafood restaurants are all located on the coast, and overlook the water. Eat at one of our restaurants and you'll enjoy seasonal seafood handpicked by our expert team and delivered fresh from Brixham quayside that very morning. Your server will let you know what's landed that day. Choose your fish and add some seasonal sides for a delicious seafood feast.

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Fisherman out at sea on Rockfisher boat fishing for fish off the Brixham coast

Caring for the environment

On a mission to protect our oceans and conserve fish supplies for future generations, Mitch is an ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council, and has co-founded the Devon Environment Foundation, part of the international Conservation Collective which has already issued regeneration grants to local sustainable projects in excess of £120,000.


Since 2008, The Seahorse Restaurant in Dartmouth has been a place to gather for conversation and debate and to enjoy the local seafood. Fish is delivered to the restaurant twice a day from Brixham, just a few miles away, menus can change throughout the day according to availability. Grilling fish over a charcoal fire has long been a speciality at the Seahorse as have pastas, rice and stews in the style and flavour you would find in many coastal Mediterranean restaurants.

The Seahorse


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