Altering Course Book - The Covid Chronicles

Altering Course – The Covid Chronicles 
John Barnes &  Laura Cowan

This inspiring new book we highly recommend is now available to buy online from our website and on amazon, with all proceeds going to Mind Charity UK (Harrogate).

We are all so busy getting things done, there is rarely time to stop and just think. The health pandemic of 2020 for many was life changing in so many devastating ways. For others it was a moment to stop and breathe, re-engage with the small things in life or change direction completely. For some it was a disruptor that presented an opportunity, a space to think. Altering Course is a collection of personal stories and insights that the authors have encountered during the last year, surprising reinventions, changed perspectives and altered directions and about how they faced those challenges. 

There are stories in here from the world of sailing, volunteering, music, film directing, cycling, wineries, hospitality and more. 

As authors, or maybe better described as chroniclers, these essays are shared without hubris, take from them what you will, be entertained, inspired maybe, informed a little, to feel that the unknowns ahead can also provide opportunity and surprising results.

Most of the contents are positive transformation stories, some very subtle evolutions but still moving the trajectory enough to impact the ‘what lies ahead’; you’ll also find some cock-ups, some stories where the outcome wasn’t totally foreseen, the changed course offering some surprising results. 

'Well, this seems to be a perfect  gift to help those embattled by life’s curveballs.'
Jon Croft - Jon Croft editions/publishers/ Bath