Herring recipe

Pickled Herring with Red Onion and Dill

"I love pickling Herring! It’s one of the best things you can do with them. It's simple to do and this is the recipe I use all the time." - Mitch


6 herrings filleted
5 cups cold water
50g fine salt
300ml white wine or distilled vinegar
1 red onion, sliced
All spice
Coriander seed
Dill Seed
Fresh Dill


Mix the salt with 4 cups of the water to make a brine, and soak the herring fillets overnight.

Make a pickle by heating up the vinegar, remaining water and spices in a pan, and adding enough sugar to balance the vinegar with sweetness.

Let the pickle liquid cool and wash and thoroughly dry the herring. Then lay the fish in layers with chopped fresh dill and red onion, pour the cooled pickle mixture over the fish.

Chill for a day before enjoying with some rye bread and crème fraiche.