Seasonal seafood to watch out for

In the same way that responsible farmers work with the land, growing produce that is in season, we work with the fishing fleet to bring you seasonal seafood.

We are lucky in that the species of fish caught in South West waters and landed at Brixham is both varied, and available almost all year round. However, some factors mean we may decide not to sell certain fish at certain times of the year.

For instance, for our prime cut t-bones of brill, turbot and plaice, we seek out large flat fish that have had time to mature and develop deep flavourful flesh.

This means they are less available just after spawning when the fish are  still growing. Similarly, during breeding season we won’t sell certain fish so we can make sure there are plenty of that species for years to come.  

When fish are at their best and caught in abundance, we'll often buy them, portion them and flash freeze them at the quayside so we can serve them in our restaurants and make them available online for you to enjoy year round. We do this for instance with sea bass, which is wonderful in January, just before the 2 month fishing ban on that species.

This seasonality is at the core of our menu. We change our main menu in summer and winter to reflect seasonality, and our daily landings change every single day depending on what was at its best that morning. That means at Rockfish you won’t find mackerel in January or Bass in February, but does mean you can enjoy incredible British seafood responsibly all year round.

If you head to one of our restaurants today, here's what you can expect to see our on market list. We'll let you know what is available that day, and can make recommendations too.

Simply choose your fish, and enjoy it cooked to order by our chefs, and served with their recommended Rockfish butter.

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