One Year of The Online Seafood Market

One Year of The Online Seafood Market

We have been delivering incredible, fresh fish from Brixham quayside to your doors for one whole year!

At Rockfish we’re on a mission to change the way you experience seafood, and and this is what led us to set up the online seafood market 12 months ago.

It is no surprise that seafood counters in supermarkets are closing, for anyone who has run a fish counter (as Mitch did for many years) the amount of waste involved is clear to see. Wasting our precious catch at any point of the process is unacceptable in today’s world, and so we all need to look at new ways to consume seafood sustainably, without that burden of waste. 

We set up our own supply chain for our restaurants and the online seafood market, so that we could minimise waste from start to finish. We only buy from boats we know and trust, fillet and prepare our fish right at the quayside and send it to you, or to our restaurants that day. We blast freeze fish right at the quay the day it lands to enjoy even when the boats can’t go out, and preserve seafood in tins when it is abundance, to enjoy another day.

Over the last 12 months our team have prepared over 470 tonnes of fish, produced in excess of 650,000 portions for you to enjoy and we've delivered orders across the UK, from Truro all the way up to the Shetland Islands.

The fish you've enjoyed at home the most in the last 12 months is our wonderful MSC certified hake and the shellfish you ordered the most was our delicious crab.

We inspired thousands of you to grill your seafood this summer with the launch of our seafood grill box, which quickly became our most popular box. Out of our tinned seafood range, you have loved our Lyme Bay mussels in escabeche the most and our most popular recipe over the last 12 months was our amazing gurnard fillet cooked in butter with lemon and parsley.

One year after the launch of our online seafood market, we are converting more people every day to our way of thinking. Enjoying fish fresh from the quayside with zero waste.

We passionately believe this is the future and we’re excited to help more of you change the way you experience seafood over the next 12 months.