Hake recipes

Hake Recipes

Not only is hake a wonderfully succulent and delicious fish, but it's a great sustainability success story here in the south west too - find out more here. Thanks to the hard work of the local fishermen it is now available all year round and it's MSC certified too.

Try it for yourself - buy it in our online seafood market and try one of Mitch's favourite hake recipes at home.

Hake with fennel salad and crunchy salsa verde

This hake recipe combines the saltiness of the anchovies and capers, with freshness of the the orange and fennel for a wonderfully balanced and delicious dish.

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Hake Kiev

Warm melting garlic butter combined with a juicy hake fillet and encased in a light crisp fried breadcrumb coating - this hake recipe is absolutely delicious.

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Hake with green sauce and clams

The green sauce is a classic Catalonion combination of parsley and garlic and works wonderfully with the saltiness of the clams in this hake recipe.

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