Supporting Brixham Gig Rowing

Supporting Brixham Gig Rowing

One of the local community organisations here in Brixham that we’re proud to support is Brixham Gig Rowing. The club was started in 2011 and provides an opportunity for people at all levels to get involved and out on the water, from being a member of a racing crew to rowing socially for the exercise and the atmosphere. The club has crews from under 14 to over 65. There is also a thriving social rowing group for those who still want to enjoy the exercise and club atmosphere.

From those early days the club has grown to around 150 members with 5 boats, or gigs, all housed on the slipway next to the breakwater in Brixham. They have traditionally built racing boats, training gigs and they’re even having a new wooden gig (called Florence) built this year to add to the fleet. The other 3 gigs are classified as training gigs and that enables them to have sponsors logo’s on them, one of which is Rockfish - you may have spotted it on the water!

They train all year round, in preparation for regatta, or racing, season which runs from April to September, and includes the Brixham regatta. During racing season the crews are away at the weekends at regattas across mainly Cornwall, Devon and Dorset with occasional events in Bristol and London. Racing in regattas involves getting the gigs to the location along with the crews. Brixham took part in 20 regattas in 2022 and were the top club overall in 3. Brixham Gig Club runs one of the regattas in the season, which will be on 8th July in 2023. On the same weekend Brixham hosts a championship event on behalf of the CPGA (Cornish Pilot Gig Association) and are the only club outside Cornwall to host an event.

The major event for the gig community is the World Championships held in the Isles of Scilly which will be held over the weekend of 28th – 30th April 2023.

The club is registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club and is run by the members who are volunteers and also supports a charity each year - in 2022 it was the Derriford Hospital Neonatal Unit and they raised £550.

The club is open to new members and runs novices courses at least once a year to introduce the joys of gig rowing to a new audience. Their last course ran for 5 weeks in late September and had 40+ join in. If you fancy getting involved this year, and trying your hand in our Rockfish sponsored boat, get in touch with the club today.