Sustainability is all about ensuring fish species can continue to reproduce so that healthy stock levels are maintained. It also means ensuring that the harvesting of wild fish does not upset the delicate balance of an ocean’s eco-system, or damage the environment beyond a point at which it can repair itself naturally. 

One of the biggest challenges to fishing, and fishing stocks, is wastage. Seafood is bought and sold on a speculative basis and then it sits on a counter until someone wants it. Time eats away at the quality day-by-day before it is either eaten, or wasted. With all the seafood we buy for our restaurants, and with the launch of our online fishmonger, our aim is to change this. 


Rockfish does not buy fish from any fishery that is not well controlled or managed. We pledge to adapt our supply chain to conform with the global effort for change and sustainability, both now and in the future. We do not sell fish that is endangered, and we don’t buy from anywhere where we feel uncomfortable about the health of the fishery or fishing method. 

We’re fortunate in that the South West fishery, considered one of the most well-managed in the UK, is where our fish mainly comes from. Quotas are controlled so that fish are not caught beyond safe, recommended levels. Boats are strictly regulated regarding what they can catch, where from, and how many days they can spend at sea. The fleet has become smaller over the years, so much less fish is being caught and the fishing effort balances the sustainability recommendations. Brixham and the South West have made significant moves towards becoming the leading sustainably fished fishery in the UK.

Cod and haddock are the most eaten species in the UK, and the most popular when it comes to fish and chips. We make sure therefore that our supply chain for these fish is a sustainable one, sourcing our cod and haddock from Norway. Here, the fishing vessels are incredibly efficient and in tune with the natural environment, and the cod stocks are the fastest growing in the world. Importantly, Norwegian fisheries are also certified to Marine Stewardship Council standard. 



We have a base right on the quayside in Brixham, just metres from where the boats land some of the best seafood in the world.  The fish gets prepared and packed on the day, and uploaded to our online market for you to buy at 6am every week day. We also send that fish to our restaurants every morning, in time for lunch service.

By 3pm when all the fresh orders are dispatched if there is any left over we blast freeze it on the day, on the quayside. Then it is ready in our frozen section of the online fishmonger for when you need or want a specific specie, or for when the elements beat the fleet and fresh fish can't be landed.