Sustainability is all about ensuring we do not fish a species beyond the levels at which it can reproduce and maintain healthy stock levels.

We must also ensure that fisheries are managed in such a way that the harvesting of wild fish does not upset the delicate balance of an oceans eco-system or damage the environment beyond what can repair itself naturally. Nobody wants to see a world without fish and there has been a huge focus on ensuring we are aware of the issues. 

We will not buy fish from any fishery that is not well controlled or managed and pledge to adapt our supply chain to ensure we are part of the global effort for change and well being for our fisheries and fish for the future.

When there are many people contributing to this debate there are bound to be differing views and I think everyone is aware of the issues and the need to buy fish from a sustainable source however I believe there is a lot of confusion out there with people worried about what species to eat and which ones are banned. We do not sell fish that is endangered. We are fortunate that the South West fishery, where we buy the majority of our fish, is well managed, quotas are controlled so that fish are not caught beyond the levels of what is safe and recommended. 

Our fish in the main comes from the fisheries of the South West. It is considered one of the most well managed fisheries in the UK, the boats are strictly controlled by what they can catch, where from, and how many days they can spend at sea. The fleet has been cut down in size over the years therefore much less fish is being caught and the fishing effort balances the recommendations of what can sustainably be caught. We will not buy fish from anywhere where we cannot feel comfortable about the health of the fishery or fishing method. Brixham and the South West has really moved towards becoming the leading sustainably fished fishery in the UK.

Cod and haddock are the most eaten species in the UK and the most popular when it comes to fish and chips. As part of the supply chain of these species we make sure that we have only good quality sustainable sources and get our cod and haddock from Norway, where, the vessels used are incredibly efficient and in tune with the natural environment and the cod stocks are the fastest growing in the world. Importantly they are also accredited by the MSC.

Mitch Tonks



  • Msc Cod & Haddock

    Our Cod & Haddock is certified sustainable by the MSC and the best and most sustainable we can find. It is fished in the ice cold waters of the Barents Sea in Norway, where the stocks are really healthy and growing in numbers. Find out more here.
  • Local Fish

    We have some of the best fish on the planet landed on the south coast everyday, we call it Britain’s Seafood Coast. With our own boat Rockfisher catching fish for our restaurants together with fish we select each morning from Brixham Fish Market next door, we have the the finest choice in a prime location. Find out more here.
  • The MSC Blue Cookbook

    The MSC Blue Cookbook is a wonderful collection of sustainable seafood recipes put together by the team at MSC. Find out more here.