Chef creations for the perfect dish

Our range of sauces, butters and seasonal sides have been created by Mitch and our Rockfish chefs to perfectly accompany your seafood. From classics like Tartare to the surprisingly moreish Lime Pickle Butter, we’ll suggest which one goes with which fish, making it easy for you to create the perfect dish at home.

Fresh ingredients, small batches

With fish, freshness is key. The same applies to our sauces and butters, so we make them in small batches, creating only enough to last a few days. It means that each one you buy will be as fresh as the last.

Seasonal Sides

We love seafood, and we try to use every part of the fish to create dishes we call sides. There’s nothing modest about them however, and they can easily be the star of the show. Look out for our seasonal specials in our online seafood market.