Rockfish BBQ Seafood Box

Rockfish BBQ Box


There are few things more uniquely satisfying than cooking seafood on a barbecue. 

To bask in the summer sunshine, on a beach, the salty-sweet smell of fresh fish, and the smoky embers of quality charcoal is enough to make you salivate with more giddy excitement than a hungry Labrador.

This summer we have, quite literally, scoured the planet for a roll call of seafood that is unmatched in its quality, as well as in its glistening array of planet-friendly accolades.

This year's glorious barbecue box will include:

6x Skull Island MSC prawns

2x Monkfish tails (min 180g)

6x Diver caught scallops & shells

2x Packs sardine fillets (min 125g)

1x Garlic butter

Every BBQ box includes a free pack of natural fire lighters from our friends at Certainly Wood.

Serves 4
Skin on:
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Fish, Crustacean, Mollusc, Dairy
May contain:
Produced in a facility that handles celery, crustaceans, nuts, fish, eggs, milk & mustard


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Enjoy on the barbecue this summer

Skull island prawns o the BBQ

Skull Island MSC Prawns

MSC Skull Island prawns from Australia are renowned for their exceptional quality and sustainability. Caught in the pristine waters off Skull Island, these prawns are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), ensuring they meet rigorous environmental standards. Known for their sweet, succulent flavor and firm texture, Skull Island prawns are a premium choice for seafood lovers.

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Diver scallops from Rockfish on the grill

Diver Caught Scallops

Diver scallops are an excellent choice for BBQ grilling due to their sweet, delicate flavor and firm texture. When cooked on the BBQ, their natural sugars caramelize, creating a delightful, slightly crispy exterior while maintaining a tender and juicy interior. This combination of freshness, taste, and texture makes diver scallops a standout option for any BBQ feast.

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Monkfish tail cooking on the grill

Brixham Monkfish

Monkfish is an excellent choice for the BBQ due to its firm, meaty texture, which holds up well to grilling. The dense flesh resists flaking, ensuring that it cooks evenly and retains its moisture and flavor. When grilled, monkfish develops a slightly charred, smoky exterior that complements its natural sweetness. Sprinkled with breadcrumbs we absolutely love it on the barbecue.

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