Sustainable Seafood at Rockfish

At Rockfish we are passionate about sustainable South West seafood all year round. Sustainability is all about ensuring fish species can continue to reproduce so that healthy stock levels are maintained.

We do not buy seafood from any fishery that is not well controlled or managed, we do not sell fish that is endangered, and we don’t buy from anywhere where we feel uncomfortable about the health of the fishery or fishing method.

Waste less, catch less

One of the biggest challenges to fishing, and fishing stocks, is wastage. Seafood is bought and sold on a speculative basis and then it sits on a counter until someone wants it.

We have a base right on the quayside in Brixham, just metres from where the boats land some of the best seafood in the world. Our fish gets prepared and packed on the day, then sent to our restaurants in time for lunch, or uploaded to our online seafood market for you to buy at 6am every week day. By 3pm when all the fresh orders are dispatched, we blast freeze any remaining fish ready for when you need or want a specific specie, or for when the elements beat the fleet and fresh fish can't be landed.

MSC on our menus

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certifies sustainable fisheries, stamping their seafood products with their seal of approval - the blue fish - to signify that they are operating using sustainable fishing practices.

Mitch is an Ambassador for the MSC and our wonderful seafood restaurant menu regularly features delicious seafood from MSC certified fisheries including Haddock, Hake and Prawns.

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MSC Hake with Fennel Salad & Crunchy Salsa Verde

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