What do you love about England's Seafood Coast


We asked our customers on Facebook to tell us what they loved about living on the seafood coast so much. This is what they said...

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Living in South Devon we so fortunate to have such a beautiful coastline, with stunning walks and the opportunity to have fish fresh from the sea to table! You Rock - Rockfish - Torquay x
Rockfish is brilliant x local people doing local food well x a brilliant addition to all the towns they are in x would love to win a meal

Rockfish is awesome. Dog and kid friendly, very welcoming staff and an ever changing seasonal menu. Great wine list and luscious cocktails wash down superbly cooked, beautifullly presented, delicious, fresh, local produce. Seafood is THE speciality and when you can watch the catch being caught in the bay and then unloaded in Brixham harbour, you know it's going to be fresh!
Moved here from surrey nearly 2 years ago. Have been warmly welcomed by everyone I've met. Torquay rocks and at last I can say with pride I LOVE where I live.
One of the pleasures of living on the coast is the great fish restaurants that are available to us with a great choice of fresh fish x
The fresh sea air, cool breeze and sandy toes, followed by a crisp glass of wine, delicious fish all with stunning views of our bay, Torbay!
I haven't visited your restaurant yet. But after looking at your page and reading reviws my longing too has been awakened.
What I love most about living by the coast...expansive Ness of the sea, ever changing form, i love to swim,and gulp the fresh sea breeze. Most prised gift of all its fishy fruits.
"Oh I do like tae be beside the seaside" 
Canny beat it Sun, ( most of the time) 
sea, beautiful food and family ...See More
Have live in Torbay all my life and am amazed there arnt more places you can get a decent seafood menu. I allways look at seafood options first but am mostly uninspired, only fish and chips. We have a beautifull seafood garden in torbay lets have a bit more imagination .I love seafood.so yes please.x
Nothing more relaxing than a stroll along the seafront, the lights, the sounds and the view. Couldn't get any better......well except for a lovely meal at Rockfish beforehand 
Lots of things that i love. But to name a few...i love the view on the way to work, amazing start to the day! I drive to work in brixham along the coast and then when i get to work we over look the harbour...pure bliss in a very busy and sometimes stre...See More
I just love life by the sea - people watching & eating lovely fresh food. Sipping a cool drink as too watch the boats come home with fish. Pretty damn fab life here in the Bay #eatmorefish
Moved here 11 year's ago. What's not to love. Fresh fish, fantastic scenery, gorgeous villages. We love nothing more than walking down the seafront eating fish and chips
Being so close to the sea the breeze the smell and the amazing restaurant with fresh delicious foods and amazing views x
Having a 3 year old daughter means my husband and I don't get to enjoy time out just the two of us very often. We love our town & love Rockfish, we just don't get chance to make the most of it xxx
I love a good coast walk either from Paignton to Brixham or to Torquay and end with a cider and fish and chips
We love the easy access to the beach but also the moors are a short drive away. There is so much to do xx
I love the sea air, boat trips and delicious local food x
Can't think of anything better than a day out in Brixham strolling round the harbour with lovely fish and chips fresh as you can get from rock fish ofcourse ab fab mmmmmm
What I love is my drive home from work, in Preston. I drive over the brow of a hill, and that view, overlooking the seafront, literally takes my breath away, every single day. It doesn't matter what kind of day I've had, my love of life is instantly returned!
Rockfish is great - staff are very friendly and the food is superb. Rockfish Torquay is in a stunning in location overlooking the harbour.
We had a lovely family meal there when relatives visited. Enjoyed many a takeaway. 

Fish & chips taste so much better when the fish is fresh & local and it's eaten whilst looking at the sea and smelling the sea air!!
Dad taking the laundry basket to work in the morning when we were kids - it meant he was stopping off in Brixham for crab on the way home. Leading to 6 of us sitting round the table fighting over the big claws, with mounds of fresh white bread and butter. Heaven 
What I love about living here on the coast; Scuba diving, the simple pleasure of seeing the ocean every day and breathing in the sea breeze, the wildlife of the sea (especially the cute seal that has a habit of popping his head up right next to me whil
We love trips to the coast. Seeing the sea never fails to put a smile on your face! smile emoticon So many fun activities you can do on and around a beach. X
Love being able to walk the dog on the beach every morning Cannot afford to eat out much so winning would be a treat
Fish and chips is my favourite dish and I just love the Rockfish restaurants. Quality food lovely surroundings....highly recommended smile emoticon
I love the way our coastline is made up of do many different elements. Seeing too the power if the sea.
liked and shared, such lovely food here, would love to enjoy another meal there, nothing beats the views of the coast from your lovely restaurants x
Blessed to live by the seaside, lucky to have a decent fish restaurant. Love Torquay 
Love Rockfish visited The Dartmouth Restaurant and would love to dine with you again......Please
Wonderful atmosphere in Brixham Rockfish, great choice of lovely fresh fish caught by Brixhams brave trawlermen . My favourite place to eat 
Rockfish,rocks fish and chips! Cooked to perfection,great variety,welcoming staff with great service in all three restaurants set in beautiful Devon. Love it!
liked and shared love rockfish been in plymouths one and loved it especially the rock salmon cant beat a lovely bit of dog fish
Fresh fish and fresh air, sunny skies and time out with friend's, the best.medicine!
Who could ask for anything more..... and all on our doorstep.
After relocating here many years ago for me it's the simple things, the sea air, the red cliffs & soil, the picturesque villages, the sound of the sea gulls & the breathtaking views we are spoilt with which should never be taken for granted! 
Rock fish is my 3yr olds fav place to eat & im a huge fan of your calamari wink emoticonliked & shared. X
Kuhn So many to chose from but the steam train and ferry to Dartmouth for a lovely day out or the golden hind in brixham. So much history and scenery.
Sterling Kühn
I moved here 10 years ago and went through a difficult divorce. I feel the sea healed me just listening and watching the waves fills me with a sense of peace and tranquility. It allowed me to start my life over again and it's never been better! Xxx
Didn't know we could fall in love with fish & chips again until we found Rockfish!
Restaurant with a view. Eat delicious fresh fish while able to view the wonderful area of Torbay and Torquay harbour, wonderful!
Would love to have a meal at Rockfish, as I understand you are the best and know Torbay is also the best seaside resort.
Nothing beats fish and chips by the sea and to top it off a lovely walk along the beach or if warm enough a swim and relax on the beach
Having amazing places like Rockfish to serve us delicious local food !
Dining by the sea, with the best and freshest sea food, what could be more satisfying !
The smell of the sea and fresh breeze you get in Spring is so refreshing better than the city air x
What I love most about living on the coast is the sense of freedom and amazimg views right on our doorstep
Lovely coastal walks and taking loads of photos and making everyone on Facebook jealous 
The best thing in the world is walking to the beach and looking out to the horizon taking in the stunning views 
Not many places you can sit and eat The Best fish and chips whilst watching the boats come in - unbeatable!
I love everything about being by the sea  very lucky
Fabulous food and dog friendly 

I love living here because there is always something to do and see. Sometimes we take the ferry across to Brixham, have our fish and chips and a walk. Then we come back and have our dessert in Torquay !!!
Enjoy visiting the Plymouth Rockfish, such a big choice of fish dishes to choose from, the staff are always very friendly and helpful.
Lovely fresh seafood - especially lovely - fish and chips smile emoticon
Can't beat fresh fish caught locally!  liked n shared x
Great Environment 
Good lifestyle
Enjoy your food by the sea
I absolutely love Torquay and the surrounding towns, my heart feels at home when we holiday, we always stay in goodrington, my dream is to retire in Devon, people are more friendlier and pace of life is much slower than it is up north. My health improves when I'm next to the beautiful south Devon coast. I certainly feel at home, and get very upset when it's time to leave.