Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we’re always on the lookout for ways to further reduce our environmental impact. Christmas can sometimes be a wasteful time, so here are our top tips to help you enjoy a more sustainable Christmas this year.

Homemade Christmas decorations

If you’ve visited a Rockish restaurant in December, you’ll know we’re big fans of making our own Christmas decorations. We make garlands from old menus and table decorations from seafood shells. We’ve also discovered hundreds of festive uses for used corks from making reindeer, to trees, to handy name place card holders for the table. You can also create fabulous results from tin cans and scrap paper. Not only will your Christmas decorations be completely unique but you’ll have fun making them, and save money too!
Chargrilled monkfish with mussels, scallops and tempura veg in background at Rockfish seafood restaurant

Gifts to Enjoy & Experience

Before going on a shopping spree for ‘things’ maybe have a think about whether your friend or loved one might get more enjoyment from a voucher or a gift experience. Spending quality time making memories with friends and families is priceless, and takes up much less cupboard space than the latest gadget. Giving vouchers for days out or meals out also makes the festive cheer last that little bit longer, and can brighten up even the darkest of winter days.

Gift Vouchers

Waste not, want not

Filling the fridge has become a huge part of the pre-christmas planning, particularly if you know you’ll have people popping in and out during the festive season. It can therefore be easy to accidentally waste food. To combat that this Christmas, check your cupboards and your freezer before you shop, and make a meal plan for the festive season so you only buy what you need. For those unexpected visitors, have a think about some store cupboard essentials with a long shelf life that you could turn into a meal. Rockfish tinned seafood selections that come with crackers and relish are a meal in a box, or try Mitch’s latest recipes that turn our tinned fish into a feast in minutes.

Our tinned seafood range

Sustainable Tinned British Seafood