Karumba Banana Prawn - MSC

Karumba Banana Prawn - MSC

Karumba Banana Prawns are a delicious and versatile option perfect for various dishes. Make them the star of a savory curry or add garlic and butter for a classic Garlic Prawn delight. These prawns are a fantastic source of protein and are naturally low in fat.

The Northern Prawn Fishery, often called Australia’s last ‘wild frontier,’ spans Australia’s top end. It stretches from the low water mark to the outer edge of the Australian fishing zone, from Cape York in Queensland to Cape Londonderry in Western Australia. Covering approximately 880,000 km², less than 12% of this area is fished.

Austral operates 11 of the 52 licensed vessels in this fishery, certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as sustainable and well-managed.


Portion Size:
12 prawns
Serves 1
Skin on:
Can I freeze it?
Latin name:
Pandulus Borealis
May contain:
Fish, Mollusc

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Karumba Banana Prawn - MSC recipes

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