Jan 2022 Cookalong - Monkfish Chop with lime pickle butter

Jan 2022 Cookalong - Monkfish Chop with lime pickle butter


Not sure how to bake a brill or grill a gurnard? Don’t worry, with our cookalong videos you can learn to make a new dish each month. In January Mitch showed how to make this delicious monkfish chop with lime pickle butter. 

We know that many of you would like to be able to confidently create delicious fish dishes at home. We’re also aware that sometimes a recipe isn’t quite enough, and that what would really help is to get some hints and tips from the expert. 

Each month Mitch hosts a live cook along and you can watch January's again here. All you need do is get the ingredients and go for it! Enjoy Roasted Monkfish Chop with Lime Pickle Butter in the comfort of your own home for supper. 

 What you need 

Ingredients to get from Rockfish Seafood at Home:
Serves 2 people

Two Monkfish chops (or your favourite fish)

One jar of Rockfish lime pickle butter

This recipe works brilliantly with almost all fish, why not try monkfish, gurnard or hake, or pick your favourite seafood. Buy your seafood and a jar of our lime pickle butter from Seafood at Home on Wednesday 26th or Thursday 27th before midday for delivery to your door in time to cookalong. 

Ingredients from your local shop/supermarket: 

A small bunch of coriander

2 green chillies

4 spring onions 

8 green cardamom pods 

A pinch of ground cumin 

Basmati rice - follow the instructions for the amount you’ll need per person - usually 1 cup per person approx 75g.

4 tomatoes

1/2 red onion

1/3 cucumber

2 Limes 

Olive oil 

Vegetable oil for frying 


Pans you will need:

Non Stick Frying Pan

Roasting Tray

Saucepan for cooking rice 


Finely slice 2 green chillies

Finely slice 4 spring onions white and green part 

Chop tomatoes in to 1/8’s

Slice red onion in half them finely slice end to end 

Squeeze 2 limes  

Peel and core your cucumber and cut into 10mm cubes

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