Like many people we think it’s the right thing to do to reduce the use of plastics in our business and support initiatives that work towards a better solution. We have removed single use plastic from inside the business and are working with suppliers to reduce the amount they use when sending things to us. We're already working with Refill Devon who run an initiative to encourage businesses to offer anyone the opportunity to pop in and have their water bottle refilled to help cut down on plastic bottles. And we have taps outside our restaurants so that people can use refillable bottles for drinking water rather than use a single use bottle.

Our fish is sustainably caught and our takeaway packaging is responsibly sourced and made from a sustainable and commercially compostable paperboard material.

Till the Coast is Clear

As well as all the initiatives above we are sponsoring local beach cleans with Till the Coast is Clear and our kid's packs for Ocean Protector's are jammed with information and fun entertainment to help children connect with the future of our oceans. 


In our Ocean Protector Packs

Paper booklet –  paper material recyclable / biodegradable.

Cotton Bag – Is recyclable and re-usable.

Pencils – wood material recyclable and re-usable.

Pencil box – paper material recyclable / biodegradable.

Puzzle – Wood material recyclable / re-usable.

Stickers – Paper / PLA coating -  recyclable / biodegradable.

Beach Clean bag PLA material – recyclable / biodegradable.

Wrist Band – Fabric recyclable / re-usable.

Metal clip – reusable.



Mitch Tonks is a proud ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and serves MSC certified seafood which means it can be traced back to a sustainable source. Mitch has also been made Chef of the Year by the MSC in 2018.

Everyone in Mitch’s restaurants can tell you where the seafood on your plate was caught, sometimes even what fishing vessel it came from and why it tastes so good.

By choosing the blue fish label when dining out or shopping for seafood, you are supporting fishermen and women who are passionate about catching the fish we love sustainably.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of sustainable fishing, you can visit the official MSC website here.