Rockfish tinned British seafood selection box including crackers, relish and tinned seafood from Britain

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We source the best, fresh seafood direct from the South Coast of England from our own boat The Rockfisher and others from the local fleet, to create perfectly preserved, tinned British fish with a direct chain from sea to plate and you can have this posted to you, or gifted and sent to surprise any foodie friends, anywhere in mainland UK (including The Highlands). Deliciously preserved, and each tin is artfully packaged with bold, colourful designs created by Penny Tonks. Tinned fish is economical and more versatile than even fresh fish and ensures that 100% of the catch is eaten, with no waste. This increased value for the fishermen and less pressure to catch more, allows the fishery to flourish for another day.

Delivered to UK mainland ( including The Highlands if ordered without any other products requiring temperature controlled packaging such as fresh and frozen seafood, sauces and sides)

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Rockfish Tinned Seafood is a uniquely British product made by us with specialism and provenance. Changing the way you experience seafood in the UK is our superpower, we want to make seafood mainstream and help people enjoy the wonderful offerings we have here in Britain. The magic of Rockfish tinned seafood is that it's the first range in Britain, direct from our fishermen, harvested and preserved in peak condition at the right time. We catch and source fresh seafood direct from the South Coast of England, cooked slowly for maximum flavour and marinated in delicious oils and sauces which melt in the mouth and are truly wonderful, even if you just enjoy them very simply with crusty bread.

The UK has a great and varied history of preserving, from pickling and smoking to drying and curing, allowing people to enjoy our Island’s bountiful produce all year round. However, tinned fish has been a speciality of our European neighbours in the likes of Spain and Portugal, rarely associated with the British catch… until now. 

I hope you enjoy them,

    “Tinning fish is such a wonderful way to not only preserve the best of the British and help reduce waste from surplus catches, but to add and infuse extra flavour through oils and sauces. It seemed such a shame that it’s a method we Brits haven’t pursued before. With this venture, I wanted to find a way for us to preserve our own fish, carefully manage the process from start to finish to ensure quality and celebrate the magic of tinned seafood'. 

    Mitch Tonks