Gurnard with Onions and capers in Agro Dolce Recipe

Gurnard with Onions and capers in Agro Dolce

This recipe for gurnard fillets using agrodolce, or sweet vinegar, makes a delicious and quick supper. The vinegar and sweet onions really bring out the flavour in the gurnard.


You will need – serves 4

2 large gurnard fillets

10 baby onions peeled – silverskin size, if you cant get them slice a normal onion thinly and cook slowly in oil to caramelize them.

small handful rinsed salted capers

tablespoon fine parsley

5 tablespoons vinegar – sweet or sweetened

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

50g salted butter


Heat a little oil in a pan, season the fish and cook flesh side down until golden, place the pan in the oven set to maximum for 8 minutes. Just before it is ready melt the butter in another pan and cook the onions gently until wait until it foams then dies down, add your sweetened vinegar, it will really sizzle, then add the balsamic then the capers and parsley then pour over the fish as you serve it.