For the love of cod

For the love of cod

For decades here in the UK we have been in love with cod, so what does that mean for us, and for you, when cod prices are rising? 

UK cod makes up a tiny percentage of the world's quota which means we import more of it than any other country in the world. The lions share of cod comes from the Barents Sea, where Norwegian and Russian boats harvest the fish. Russian owned boats alone catch 70% of the world's cod and haddock quota. 

The consequence of this means that at the moment, prices are taking off like a rocket, doubling in just a month. We don't know when, or if this will change so the reality is that the price of cod and chips is going to be higher than ever before. 

We want to make sure that at Rockfish, we're giving you sustainable alternative choices. Our team at the quayside are busy selecting, buying and in some cases blast freezing wonderful landings of local seafood for you to enjoy. Large Bay Whiting and our wonderful MSC Brixham Hake are both absolutely delicious, and will be on our menus soon, and every day we have fresh local seafood available to buy online.  

To secure some incredible cod for the future, I'll be heading to Iceland soon where they have stunning cod, unlike anything you will have eaten before. 

I look forward to bringing this, and more of the world's most sustainable seafood to you in the coming months. 



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