Feb 2022 live cookalong - Fish cooked in a bag

Feb 2022 live cookalong - Fish cooked in a bag



February's cookalong was great for the whole family, it is a super-simple recipe resulting in a delicious dish - Hake cooked in paper with garlic butter and rosemary. 

We've suggested fresh hake fillets for this, but you can use any fillet of fish that you like and each one is cooked in its own parcel, so you can add flavourings of your choice too. We've got some wonderful fillets of fish that we blast froze at the quayside so whatever you fancy, you can grab your choice now. 

See the recipe > 

Ingredients to buy from seafood at home:

Hake fillets or another fish of your choice (1 fillet per person) available now from our frozen fish section

1 jar of garlic butter (you’ll need 1 tbsp per person)

Additional ingredients to buy:

A few sprigs of rosemary for each person 

2 whole cloves of garlic for each person

1 small dried chilli (optional but delicious)

Sea salt

Olive oil 

Half glass of dry white wine (stock or other liquid can be used)

Parchment paper and a pair of scissors